Our Low Prices

These are the highest quality searches at the very lowest cost

  • Statewide Bank Locate – $225 hit / $50 if no accounts
  • Nationwide Bank Locate – $325 hit / $50 if no accounts
  • Nationwide Brokerages – $395 hit / $85 if no accounts
  • National Bank & Brokerage – $660 hit (or no locate fee)

Some accounts may have an “opt out.” There is no charge for these.
“Opt out” means that when the person applied at the bank, he/she affirmatively checked the “opt out of 3rd party” communication. 10% of people check this box, but “opt out” must be offered to them according to Congress’ GLB Act. If there is an “opt out,” then we can get no information other than that the person applied to the bank at some time. There may be funds available or not. We are allowed no other information, even whether the account(s) are still open.


What Do We Return?

All accounts located, names of financial institutions, balances. We also include other assets we find such as vehicles, real property and businesses—no additional charge.

How Long Does It Take?

Standard: Normally 5-8 business days

Rush Orders: Within 48 hours ($150)

We Also Offer

Bank Balance Updates

One time: $75

Three times during 30 days: $135

(This helps you determine the best time to levy.)

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